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You love ordering eggs benedict at a restaurant?  Have you ever made it at home?  A lot of people haven’t attempted this dish because of two basic ingredients: poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.  Poached eggs can be a pain and Hollandaise has a fairly well deserved reputation for difficulty.  Tonight I’m going to give you a poached egg recipe that removes most of the pain and a Hollandaise sauce recipe that is easy enough to whip up in just a couple of minutes.  Both of these techniques I got from one of my favorite food sites: Serious Eats.  I’ll give you the poached egg technique on this post.  If you want the Hollandaise sauce recipe just click here.

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A pot of water


A small strainer

A bowl of warm water


Heat a pot of water over medium heat until it reaches about 180 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s about where the water is quivering, but not yet simmering.

Part of the difficulty of poached eggs is keeping them together in the pot.  In order to do this, you want eggs that are as fresh as possible and we want to get rid of some of the very liquidy white. The best tool to do this is a small strainer.  Break the egg into the strainer over a bowl or a sink and swirl a bit getting rid of a good amount of the liquid white (the more gelatinous white will stay in the strainer).

Poached Eggs 01

The strainer also makes a great vessel for transferring the egg into the water.  Just swish it around a little to release it and gently turn it into the water.  If you’re making multiple eggs, just put them into small cups or dishes after straining them.

Poached Eggs 02

You can cook two or three at a time. Simply let the eggs roll from the cup or dish into the pot.  I like them to cook about 3 minutes, gently flipping them over half way through.

Poached Eggs 03

If you’re not using them immediately, you can keep them warm in a bowl of warm water.

Poached Eggs 04

With these eggs and an easy 2-minute Hollandaise sauce, you’re all set for some delicious breakfasts.

Poached Eggs 00

It’s Easter today, so I suppose an egg dish is appropriate.  But Easter is about so much more than eggs and rabbits.  Easter is about new beginnings.  Because of the resurrection of Jesus, a new beginning is offered to all who repent and believe. Have a blessed day and I pray you consider opening your heart to a new beginning.