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Pancakes are an American staple for breakfast.  My son loves them so much that when we have a variety of to choose from, he always takes a plain pancake without syrup just to enjoy the purity of a great pancake.  I’ve shared a couple of pancake recipes here on the blog, namely whole wheat buttermilk pancakes and pancakes of the gingerbread variety.  These oatmeal pancakes are a hearty breakfast that provides a nice alternative to your average pancake.

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¾ cup oat flour (you can make this by pulsing rolled oats into a food processor or spice grinder until finely ground; 1 cup of oats yields about ¾  cup oat flour)
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 Tbs. sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
¾ tsp. Kosher or coarse salt
3 Tbs. unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly (plus extra for the pan)
1¼ cups whole milk
1 cup cooked oatmeal
1 Tbs. unsulphured (not blackstrap) molasses or 1 Tbs. honey
2 large eggs


Whisk the dry ingredients (oat flour, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt) together in a large bowl.

Oatmeal Pancakes 03

In a smaller bowl, whisk the butter, milk, cooked oatmeal, honey and eggs together until thoroughly combined.

Oatmeal Pancakes 04

Gently fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Using a light hand is important for tender pancakes; the batter should be slightly thick with a holey surface.

Oatmeal Pancakes 05

Heat a 10-inch cast-iron pan or griddle over medium heat until water sizzles when splashed onto the pan. Lower to medium-low. Rub the pan generously with butter (this is more about flavor and crispy edges than any non-sticking attributes). Working quickly, dollop 1/4-cup mounds of batter onto the pan, 2 or 3 at a time (or more if you’ve got a large griddle).

Oatmeal Pancakes 06

Once bubbles have begun to form on the top side of the pancake, flip the pancake and cook until the bottom is dark golden-brown, about 5 minutes total.

Oatmeal Pancakes 06b

Wipe the pan with a cloth before griddling the next pancake. Continue with the rest of the batter.  (I also made some with some golden raisins as well as a few with dark chocolate chips that you can see below.)

Oatmeal Pancakes 07

Serve the pancakes hot, straight from the skillet or keep them warm in a low oven.

Oatmeal Pancakes 09

The addition of the oatmeal makes the pancakes a little heavier than your ordinary pancake, but also adds great taste, and probably some additional health benefits.

I love lazy Saturday breakfasts which usually don’t get to the table until after 9am and the family sleeps in (except for my son who’d get up at 5:30am every morning if we let him).  These pancakes make a great Saturday morning breakfast.  The batter can even be made the night before and kept in the fridge overnight).

Meals with family are opportunities to share love and express joy.  Take advantage of those opportunities.  It helps keep families together.  God bless!