When I’m at a diner, I tend to order my eggs scrambled.  They’re tasty if a bit boring.  They’re consistent and you can be pretty sure the line cook won’t overcook them.  But people don’t get too excited about a great scrambled egg.  However, I think Eric Ripert’s classic French preparation elevates the scrambled egg to an elegant breakfast or (in our case) Sunday supper.  Eric Ripert is known as a specialist with fish, but if you’ve ever watched him when he’s been a guest judge on Top Chef, you know that he’s an amazing chef, and just a sweetheart of a guy.  So it was worth trying out his egg recipe.

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5 large eggs

salt and fresh ground pepper

1½ Tbs. unsalted butter

4 Tbs. whole milk or heavy cream

1½ Tbs. chopped chives

2 slices country bread, toasted


In a small bowl, season the eggs (season the yolks for precise seasoning amounts). 

Eric Ripert's Scrambled Eggs 01

Lightly beat the eggs.

Eric Ripert's Scrambled Eggs 02

Heat the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat until foamy.

Eric Ripert's Scrambled Eggs 03b

Add the eggs and cook, whisking, until they begin to set;

Eric Ripert's Scrambled Eggs 04

gently whisk in the milk and chives.

Eric Ripert's Scrambled Eggs 05

Remove from the heat and serve with toasted bread.

Eric Ripert's Scrambled Eggs 00

The texture is very fine and makes a great change of pace for our family’s Sunday night eggs.

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